Livpac Meetings 2019

04/03/19 Coffee Morning DCLP 

04/03/19 Elklan Lets Talk Togther - Isabella Trust (week 2 PM)      DCLP

06/03/19 Coffee Morning -                                                           Leamington Primary School

11/03/19 Elklan Lets Talk Together - Isabella Trust (week 3 PM)      DCLP

12/03/19 Makaton Training - Isabella Trust                                    DCLP

18/03/19 Elklan Lets Talk Together (week 4 PM)                             DCLP

19/03/19 Coffee Evening                                                              DCLP

20/03/19 Recognising & Managing Emotions - Isabella Trust            DCLP

21/03/19  Coffee Morning                                                              Walton Childrens Centre

25/03/19 SENDIAS Drop In   (Apt only)                                          DCLP

25/03/19 Elklan Lets Talk Together (wk5 PM)                                  DCLP

28/03/19 Coffee Morning                                                               DLS


DLS - De la Salle Academy , Carr Lane, North Liverpool 

DCLP - Dingle Lane Community Programme South Liverpool

Life Rooms - Evered Avenue , Walton L9 


Please note that the training we have on offer is FREE but you need to book a place , Training needs to be booked through Eventbright. Our Facebook Page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..